71504-GS-B - Royal Scout Pro II Dirt Scooter - Complete

71504-GS-B - Royal Scout Pro II Dirt Scooter - Complete

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'Best of the best. Building on the success of the original Scout Pro, the Scout Pro II takes the sport to a whole new level with its newly designed deck extrusion, integrated headset, CNC head-tube cut-out, and weight-reduced CrMo forks. But the staggering 1.4 pound weight reduction isn't the only advancement you'll notice. The Scout Pro II's new super comfy grips and taller and wider CrMo bars show that when riders talk we listen. And as always the Scout Pro II literally outshines the competition with Royal's signature polished anodized finish, high quality threadless sealed ACB headset, and SCS compression. Let the Scout Pro II's genuine MBS wheels (aluminum Rock Star Pro hubs / T3 tires) take you to places you previously only dreamed of - Dirt jumps, BMX tracks, single track trails, rough alley rail jams, grass drops, you name it! With dirt you're only limited by your imagination - the earth is now your skatepark!


  • Royal Scout Pro II Deck / Neck

    - Super-Strong 6061-T6 Heat Treated Aluminium

    - Gen 2 Deck Extrusion - 125mm Wide / 1000R Concave

    - “X-Neck” - Proprietary Neck Extrusion / Max. Weld Length

    - Durable Polished Anodized Finish

  • Royal Scout Pro Forks (Threadless)

    - Super Strong and Light CroMoly Steel

    - BMX-Style Forks

    - Threadless Royal Headset

    - High Precision Sealed Headset Bearings

    - Standard Compression System (SCS) - Strong and Versatile

  • Royal Dirt Bars

    - CroMoly Steel for Unmatched Strength and Durability

    - 560mm Wide

    - Durable Powder Coating

  • MBS Wheels - The Best in The World

    - 200mm Pneumatic MBS T3 Tires

    - MBS Rock Star Pro Hubs (Metal Core)

    - ABEC-5 Chrome-Steel Bearings with High-speed Lubricant

    - Super-Size Flex Brake

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